FAA Certified Repair Station - XPRR648K(570) 414-0300


26 Year Avionics Veteran Charlie Blackert, Owner and Chief Inspector at Airport Radio. Airport Radio is an FAA Certified Repair Station #XPRR648K.
If you will need transportation for an extended period we can arrange to have a car ready for you. Please call and let us help you make arrangements. Read More
Staying overnight or need to freshen up? We have negotiated hotel rates with many of the area hotels. Let us help you find a room to suit your needs. Read More
We have courtesy cars available, please call ahead for availability. Read More
Sleep, waiting & planning rooms are available. Read More
Contract fuel honored through Epic LLC, We Accept most fuel discount cards such as UV Air, AVCard, Epic, Bravo and Multi Serve. Read More
We waive landing fees for maintenance.
Fly you home and pick you up if needed, at cost in either a Single engine flight school plane or light twin you choose! Single engine is $125/hour, Twin is (Navajo or similar) $400/hour. Read More
In the hangars of Aviation Technologies Inc are a full service FBO including FAA repair station, flight training, & 135 air taxi services. Learn More about Aviation Technologies


Note: We sell, service and install all PS Engineering products in their catalog, the following are featured products.

PMA450 Series

PMA4000 Series

PMA7000 Series

PMA8000 Series